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My name is Tony Alves and I am the Owner and Webmaster of My-Car-Picture.com (now re-directing to this site) and more recently this Site (CertifiedCarLovers.com). I am from the city of Oshawa, near Toronto Ontario, Canada. I own an 88 Monte Carlo and a 99 Trans Am WS6 and my Cars are the reason I became a Webmaster. I am so proud of my Cars, that I wanted to show them off online so the whole world could see them.

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) offered free hosting (as most do) for a personal Web Page as part of the service, so I built one for my Cars. Once I had my cars online, I started wondering how many other car owners who loved their cars just like I did, would also like to put them up online to show them off.

For this reason I decided to start My-Car-Picture.com (now re-directing to this site) and subsequently this site to offer other car and truck lovers the opportunity to have their rides posted on my site under their names (at no charge) to show them off to the whole world.

To my surprise, I started getting emails from proud car and truck owners almost immediately  and as they say “the rest is history”.

You can read some of the testimonials from these proud car and truck owners on this page: Testimonials.

If you’re a proud Car or Truck owner and would like to submit your Car or Truck Pictures to be displayed on this site at no cost to you, just click this link: Submit Your Ride.

Thank you for reading “About Us”

Enjoy your ride and be safe!…

Tony Alves (Owner / Webmaster)

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