37 Pontiac

37 Pontiac Owned/submitted by:
David Moeller

City Unknown, State Unknown, Country Unknown

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  • Engine Unknown.
  • Transmission Unknown.

This car was purchased in about 1986 from a guy who’s son had died in Viet Nam. He kept it mostly rust free by washing it with diesel fuel. I am the third owner and I have the original pink slip.

I would like to add that the car was his son’s who died about 1970 he kept it as a memory, his name is Win Oiler, from Malibu. The orignal owner’s name on the pink is Grace Leona Hudson, from Los Angeles.

It only has 50,000 miles on the drive train. I did a frame off restoration…, mostly cleaned, scraped, wire brushed, and painted it. The frame was painted with emron and the body with a urethane, all purchased in 1987. The engine had 3 cracks…, Kelly block of culver city did the welding, my cousin in Palo Alto did the rebuild (60 over and hardened exhaust seats) his name is Jerry Washburn and he is still rebuilding stuff… he recently rebuilt the water pump.

The car needs glass, (almost all) rear door rubber, trunk separator (two piece wood), and an inner fender right side (I’ve saved most receipts). She runs real good and other than a few scratches and oil leaks, I’d say she is in great shape. still a 6-volt system and a single venturi carburetor.

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37 Pontiac
37 Pontiac Description of Picture on the Left:
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