68 Mustang Coupe

68 Mustang Coupe Owned/submitted by:
John Blackburn

San Francisco, California, United States

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  • 289 with Hedman Headers.
  • C-4 automatic.
  • 600 CFM 4-barrel.
More Specs:

An R.V. Cam.
Original with 170,000 Miles on it.


I loaned my mother the $500 down payment to buy the car at a “Spring Fling” sale at Jones-Minto Ford in 1968. For the car’s 40th birthday, I had the Restomod Shop in Stockton do a restoration including the original color (no color code car). The papaya color is very rare.

Additional Facts:

Mom loaned me the car so I could drive to Isla Vista and move a friend back to San Francisco after college at U.C. Santa Barbara. There were 4 of us and a small U-Haul trailer cruising up Highway 101 when on a downhill, there was an accident ahead, a lane closure and I had to stop – but it wouldn’t stop! I pumped and pumped but she would not stop! Those brakes just faded away! Luckily, we got through the worst of it but we were damn scared! That day I knew disc brakes were in the car’s future. Best thing I ever did.

Present Or Future Plans:

Looking forward to participating in the 500 car caravan of Mustangs Across America drive to Birmingham, AL in April, 2009 to celebrate the 45th Mustang Anniversary Celebration at the Barber Motorsports Park. We will then take Route 66 back from Chicago. 45 years – truly an American experience.

My Ride’s Pictures:
68 Mustang Coupe Description of Picture on the Left:
Beautiful Picture of the Mustang Coupe. This 68 Ford Mustang has been professionally restored. It was also re-painted, but the color is the same as the very rare original Papaya color. Make sure you read the incident that could have been the end of this beauty (and perhaps worse) as well as the future plans the owner has for it. Click on the Picture to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Great Picture of the Ford Mustang Coupe. Again this beauty has been fully restored to it’s original excellence. Telling by the trailer hitch mounted on the rear bumper of this beauty, It’s obvious that the owner plans to travel to far away places with this Classic as much as he possibly can. Click on the Picture to enlarge.
68 Mustang Coupe
68 Mustang Coupe Description of Picture on the Left:
Very nice Picture of the Mustang Coupe’s Engine. Everything inside this Engine bay looks just like as it did when this beauty came out of the assembly line so many years ago. Enjoy this and all the other Pictures of this Classic as well as make sure you read everything about it. Click on the Pic to enlarge.

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  1. John Blackburn says:

    Gracie - what a ride...
    Thanks for posting Gracie on my-car-picture.com. What a great site for people who love older cars. I would strongly encourage other visitors to the site to send in their pictures and stories. We have a wealth of beauties on the road and stories to go with them. Stories are what older cars are all about and this site is what older cars need to tell those stories.

    Each of our cars is a living history with many stories to tell and experiences to share. Gracie is truly “my mother, the car.” We have been through a lot in our years. I look foward to cruising along the highways and by-ways of America and taking pictures and writing about our adventures with Gracie. Her Madagascar Orange color is a very rare, Special Paint, color and gets thumbs up everywhere she goes.

    I just picked up a 1970 all original U-Code Grabber Orange coupe, without a vinyl top – Gracie now has a cousin – Bon, James Bon (shaken, not stirred). A project car well-underway, I had Rick Mori at R Mustangs in San Francisco do the seats and carpet. He cut out a piece of foam from one of the seats with yet another original, and rather tattered, build sheet underneath it, and found the seat had a build-date stamped on it that was 40 years and 1 day to the day he was re-covering the seats. That car was built, as well, at the old San Jose, CA Ford plant that is now The Great Mall of the Bay Area.

    Thank you for bringing our pictures and stories to light.

    • Tony Alves says:

      James Bon" - Original !...
      Thanks for the great post John.

      I am glad you’re happy with the Site and the way your 68 Mustang is portrayed on it.

      Congratulations on your new “James Bon”. Make sure you submit it as soon as the restoration is done.

      Thanks again,
      Tony Alves

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