88 Monte Carlo LS

88 Monte Carlo LS Owned/submitted by:
Tony Alves

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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  • V8-5.7L (350CID)
  • 240HP
  • 700R4 (4 Speed Automatic)
  • Holly 770 CFM Street Avenger
  • 18″ Boss 304 Chromed Aluminum Wheels
  • 245/45/18 Tires
  • True Dual Flowmaster Exhaust System
More Specs:

• Accel Ignition Coil
• K&N Air Filter
• High Performance Spark Plugs and Wires.


In the summer of 95 while looking for a second Car to replace an old Chevy Sprint, I ran into the 88 Monte Carlo LS for sale. The 88 LS had black exterior and gray interior. This car was Fully Loaded… V8 Engine, T-Tops, Landau Roof (also black), Bucket Seats, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, A/C, Cruise Control, Factory Alloy Rims and Spoiler. It was love at first sight, so I didn’t hesitate to trade my old 81 Monte Carlo with a V6 Engine for this 88 LS.

At first, I didn’t want to change anything on the Monte Carlo LS because I planned to keep it stock. As time passed, however, I decided to start making small changes to improve appearance, performance and comfort. As is inevitable, a small change led to another small change, then to bigger changes and once the changes started there was no stopping.

The stock V8-305-150HP was no longer satisfying my hunger for power, so I got the factory single exhaust replaced with 2 High Performance Ceramic Headers, 2 Catalytic Converters, 2 Mufflers and 2 “Stainless Steel” Tail Pipes (combination of Aluminized and Stainless Steel).

This modification together with a set of High Performance Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires, Accel High Output Coil and K&N Air Filter made a small improvement in its performance. Not a great improvement but a noticeable one nevertheless (just enough to make the wheels “smoke”).

Then it was time to get a new paint job. Everything was removed including the doors, the T-Tops, headlights, rear lights, front grill, side markers, etc. before painting. All the chrome was polished and then everything was re-assembled. All the old door and T-Top seals were replaced with new seals.

Later, the original V8-305-150HP Engine was replaced with a small block V8 High Output 350-240HP. The Transmission was also replaced with a High Performance 700R4 with a Shift Kit and a High Stall Torque Converter. To keep everything running cool, a four core Radiator replaced the original two core, and a Transmission Cooler was installed. Also new Ceramic Coated Headers, along with new Mufflers and Catalytic Converters replaced the older ones.

The factory radio was replaced with a Radio/CD Player with a 12 CD Changer from JVC (a birthday present from my son). Sometime later, I also replaced the two factory rear Speakers with two 3-way Speakers and the Dashboard Speakers with two 2-way Speakers. The original antenna was also replaced with a windshield mounted one. At the same time I had this done, I also had an anti-theft system installed to protect the car and the equipment.

I also replaced the original Instrument Cluster with one from an SS. The original had no Tach and instead of Temperature, Battery and Oil Gauges, it had “Dummy Lights”. Also the Speedo’s maximum speed was 140Km/H where the SS Cluster came with a rare 120Mph (200Km/H) Speedo, a Tach and all the Gauges.

The automatic windows roll-up and the remote trunk release options were also included. I actually went crazy and had a microwave sensor installed to let anyone coming too close know, that the car was protected by an alarm system (it chirps when people come too close to the Car).

In 2005 I got the Monte Carlo LS Painted again and again I replaced all the Doors and T-Top Seals. This time I got a special paint job… Cherry Black, sprinkled with purple chips which sparkle when the sun shines on the Car and I also had some Flames added.

There was another upgrade that I had to make. The original Mechanical Cooling Fan was not keeping the Engine cool enough when in bumper to bumper traffic in hot summer days, so I had it replaced with an Electrical Fan.

Additional Facts:

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a two-door coupé which was produced by Chevrolet through six generations from model year 1970 to model year 2007.

It was marketed as a personal-luxury coupe through most of its history, with the last model version being classified as a full-sized coupe. When it was discontinued in 2007, it had outlived many competitors that were either discontinued many years earlier or changed in concept to either a four-door sedan or small sport coupe.

It was named for the city Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco, specifically the ward of Monte Carlo/Spélugues.

The first four generations of the Monte Carlo were all rear wheel drive. 1988 was the last year of the fourth generation.

Production stopped for a few years and resumed in 1995 starting a new era of front wheel drive Monte Carlos

Information curated from Wikipedia: Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Present Or Future Plans:

Apart from regular maintenance I am not planning any significant modifications.

Final Thoughts:

I am the Webmaster of this site and also own a 1999 Trans Am (WS6) T-Tops which is also on this site. You can check it out here: 99 Trans Am WS6.

This Is My Favorite YouTube Video:

My Ride’s Pictures:
88 Monte Carlo LS Description of Picture on the Left:
Here is a Monte Carlo LS Pic of the Side without the T-Top Panels. On this Monte Carlo LS Pic you can see the 18″ Boss 304 Chromed Rims with 245/45/18 Tires. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Here is a Monte Carlo LS Pic of the Front. I think you can tell this Car is mine (as in the Webmaster of this Site) by looking at the license plate. There are Flames airbrushed on the Hood, but they’re so subtle, that they’re not visible on this Pic. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
88 Monte Carlo LS
88 Monte Carlo LS Description of Picture on the Left:
Rear Monte Carlo LS Pic with the T-Tops off. The dual Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes can be seen on this Pic. The Chromed Wheels really compliment the Side Molding of this Hot Rod. Click Picture to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
This Monte Carlo LS Side Pic shows how long and low this beautiful Hot Rod is. This Pic shows the subtle Flames coming out of the Front Wheel. There are Flames also on the Hood matching these. Click this Picture to enlarge.
88 Monte Carlo LS
88 Monte Carlo LS Description of Picture on the Left:
Here is a good view of the inside front of the Monte Carlo. This Monte Carlo LS Pic was taken with the Windows down, the T-Tops off, and both Doors open. Click Picture to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Here is the new V8-HO350-240HP Small Block Chevy. The Cast Aluminum Edelbrock Valve and Air Filter Covers as well as the Ceramic Coated Headers can be seen on this Pic. Click this Monte Carlo LS Pic to enlarge.
88 Monte Carlo LS

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  1. donnie says:

    I have one identical to this color black t-tops interior gray except the front header was different however in 2000 my wife hit a deer and repair shop could not find the original and replaced it with this front header you have which did not satisfy me at all ive tried to find it but it seems impossible I parked it in 2005 your car is beautiful and it makes me want to bring mine back. . .P.S. is this your original front header clip

    • Hi Donnie says:

      Re: Your question "Reminiscing"
      Hi Donnie:

      Thank you for visiting the site and for your comment.

      Yes, as far as I know this is the original front of my 88 Monte LS.

      I say “as far as I know” because I didn’t buy it new, so it might be possible that this front is not the original.

      However, looking at pictures of other 88 Monte Carlo LS”s online, I am pretty sure that this front if not the original, is the correct replacement.

      Good luck in bringing yours back and if you do, remember to submit it to the site for other car enthusiasts like me and you to enjoy.

      Again, thanks for the comment.

      Tony Alves

  2. Anonymous says:

    88 Monte LS
    DAMN!!!! I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!

    • Tony Alves says:

      88 Monte LS

      I am the owner of the Site as well as the owner of this 88 Monte LS.

      Thank you for your post… I really appreciate it.

      Again thanks,
      Tony Alves

  3. Antonio Hernandez says:

    Auto Parts
    That is a real nice car. I have one myself but I’m barely starting. Where can I find parts for the car? I would really appreciate your help.

    Antonio Hernandez
    Salt Lake City UT, USA

    • Tony Alves says:

      Auto Parts
      Thanks for your post Antonio.

      When I need parts, I first check my GM Dealer just in case they still have some, which is very rare.

      Then I check either eBay or kijiji (I believe it is ebayclassifieds.com in the US). I was lucky once on kijiji because I found someone in the same city who had dismantled an 87 Monte which is exactly the same as an 88 and was selling the parts.

      I bought a bunch of parts from him, like a whole dashboard, a whole front end, rear end and a complete set of body chrome trim and a console, as well as a few other smaller parts.

      Good luck in your search.

      Tony Alves

      • Antonio Hernandez says:

        Parts From Other Cars
        You said you got parts off a 87. Are there any other models I can get parts from? I’ve heard of the regals but I’m not sure if that’s true?


        • Tony Alves says:

          Not sure about the Regals
          I know that the 86 Monte Carlo has some parts that fit the 88’s, but I have never heard about the Regals.

          Tony Alves

          • Antonio Hernandez says:

            What Years?
            So which years would fit my 88?

            • Tony Alves says:

              Compatibility with the 88 Monte LS
              As far as I know Antonio, only the 87 Monte is fully compatible with the 88.

              I also know that most of the 86 parts will fit the 88, but I am not sure if all of them will.

              It is possible that parts of other models might also be compatible as many components are used on several models, but you would have to check if a specific component is compatible.

              You mentioned the Regal and I would not be surprised if some parts fitted the 88 Monte, but as I said, you would have to check each part individually.

              The Oldsmobile Cutlass is another model that might have parts that will fit an 88 Monte, but again, you will have to check each specific part for compatibility.

              I hope that this helps.

              Tony Alves

              • Antonio Hernandez says:

                Thank You
                Thanks for all your help I appreciate it.

                • Tony Alves says:

                  You're welcome Antonio
                  You are welcome!… It was my pleasure Antonio.

                  If I can be of any help in the future, do not hesitate to contact me.

                  By the way, once the car is presentable enough that you want to show it off to the whole world, just submit it and I will post it on the site.

                  All the best,
                  Tony Alves

  4. Rick says:

    Ever plan on selling this car. my email is rickcroark@yahoo.com


    • Tony Alves says:

      Not selling it... Sorry!
      Thank you very much for your interest in my Monte.

      However, I have no intention of selling it… At least not yet.

      If I ever decide to sell, I will contact you.

      Just make sure that if you change your contact info you update it by posting it here, or contacting me through my contact form (link at the foot of every page).

      Tony Alves

  5. Antonio Hernandez says:

    Hey man i have an 88 ls as well did you keep the inside that clean or did you get new parts? if you got new parts i would appreciate it if you can tell me where i can find them i just got my ca and trying to fix it up but where i live its hard to find places that sell parts to these cars thanks.

    Antonio Hernandez
    Salt Lake City UT, USA

    • Tony Alves says:

      Where I Get Replacement Parts
      The interior of my Monte LS is original except for the Instrument Cluster.

      Most of the Gauges just had dummy lights, so I replaced them with Gauges from a Monte SS which are real Gauges.

      When I need parts, I check on eBay or kijiji.

      The instrument cluster I found on eBay. I also bought headlights, trim and other parts on kijiji.

      I hope that this answer will help you Antonio.

  6. Mike says:

    Header question
    What brand and model headers were used?


    • Tony Alves says:

      Header Answer
      Hi Mike:

      I am not sure because I had to get it changed once already after I first got the Mods done.

      However, I believe that the originals were Headman Hedders.

      I hope this helps answer your question.

      Tony Alves

  7. T D says:

    Nice 88
    I don’t know much about cars but I’m really diggin this one, you modded it out to be a beauty. How much would you say you put on it in total? I’ve been looking to buy one of these.

    T D

    • Tony Alves says:

      How Much The Mods Cost?
      Hi Friend:

      Thanks for your comments. How much I spent on the Mods? That’s a good question.

      I didn’t keep accurate track of it, but I can tell you how much I spent roughly.

      To Split the Exhaust, replace the Engine and the Transmission, I spent around $12,000.00.

      The paint job believe it or not only cost me around $6,000.00. This was a steal considering that all the Trim, the Lights and even the Windshield were removed and a lot of rust was taken care of.

      Also that I got it painted in Cherry Black with some Purple added into the mix. Also included I got the Ghost Flames hand painted on the Hood and Sides.

      It looks Black in the shade, but in the sun it can look Black or Red with Sparkles of Purple depending from what angle you look at it.

      For the Wheels I paid about $5,000.00.

      I hope this answers your question(s).

      Tony Alves

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