55 Thunderbird

55 Thunderbird Owned/submitted by:
Dave Cook

Burlingame, California, United States

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  • 55 Ford T-Bird FE 486 in.
  • 730 HP.
  • Power Glide.

My son was racing the 55 when we first bought it. 9.90 and top end had a stuck at full power. Won the race but hit the wall… Super Gas.

Final Thoughts:

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My Ride’s Pictures:
55 Thunderbird Description of Picture on the Left:
Great Picture of the 1955 Thunderbird Drag Car. In this Picture the 55 T-Bird is obviously taking off in a race. The Front of this beauty has not been modified as the Grill as well as the Bumper and Lights are original. Only the Hood has been modified to accommodate the huge Air Intake Scoop built on it. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Here is another Picture of the 55 FordThunderbird. Again on this Picture, this Dragster is literally taking off (Front Wheels off the ground) at the start of another race. The Red color scheme with fading Gray Flames coming out of the Front Wheel Wells really fit this Drag Car. Please Click on the Picture to enlarge.
55 Thunderbird
55 Thunderbird Description of Picture on the Left:
Waiting for a picture.

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