98 Jaguar XK8

98 Jaguar XK8 Owned/submitted by:
Dennis Leszczynski

City Unknown, Florida, United States

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  • 4.0 Litre V-8, 290HP all aluminum dual overhead cam.
  • 5-speed automatic transmission.
More Specs:

This transmission has three shift options: Normal use, a J-shift manual mode and an electronic “Sport Button” that holds shift points to aid performance. The XK-8s top speed is restricted to 155 MPH.


This beauty came to me from someone who had to sell. The purchase was much less than the $84,000 price it commanded when new. No work has been required thus far and it is a pleasure to drive.

I am constantly amazed by the attention this car brings. It can be a little embarrassing at times. I hadn’t thought much about owning a Jag until I drove this one… I was hooked. The number of standard features on these cars is too long to list here. The fascinating thing is that it incorporated these features in 1998. There are new cars today that still do not (or are just starting) to offer some of these features.

We never know what will happen in the future but I’ve had the Jag for a couple of years now and plan to keep it long term. I only drive her about once a week, so I think she’ll be around a long time.

My Ride’s Pictures:
98 Jaguar XK8 Description of Picture on the Left:
Wow… What a great Picture of this Jaguar XK8. The owner says that this Classic Car turns heads. Of course it turns heads… It would certainly turn mine. It really is a beautiful Car. Too bad that the top speed is capped at 155 MPH. A beauty like this should be allowed to show everything it’s got. Click on the Picture to see it enlarged.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Beautiful Picture of the Jaguar XK8 with the Top up. What a Classic this Car is. Great looking and aerodynamic body. These Cars look even better when they have the Top down however, this Jaguar looks great even with the Top up. Make sure that you click on the Pic to enlarge.
98 Jaguar XK8
98 Jaguar XK8 Description of Picture on the Left:
Look at the front of this Classic. This Jaguar XK8 is a real beauty. I really like the front of it. Everything about this Car looks mean… In a good way that is. This machine screams SPEED. Too bad that it’s top speed was capped by factory to a maximum of 155 MPH. This is still a good speed, specially if you only drive it on the streets and highways. However, if you want to take it to a racetrack, you wouldn’t want it capped. Click on the Picture to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
What a luxury… Beautiful color combinations in the interior of this beauty. No wonder that the owner says that he loves driving this beauty. Who wouldn’t? I surely would. And look at how clean it is. It certainly doesn’t look like the interior of a car manufactured back in the 90’s. Click on the Pic to see a close-up of this Picture.
98 Jaguar XK8
98 Jaguar XK8 Description of Picture on the Left:
Here is a Picture of the Jaguar XK8 in it’s full glory. What a shot this is showing how this Beauty looks with the Top down. This Classic looks great from any angle and whether the Top is up or it’s down. There is no chrome on this Car and even the Wheels are not shiny, but this is part of what makes this Car “shine”. Click the Picture to enlarge.

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