Blue Bird

Blue Bird Owned/submitted by:
Howard Theron

City Unknown, State / Province, United States

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  • Engine Unknown.
  • Transmission Unknown.

My Bird does tend to have a bit of a history. A weak after I got it I didn’t know it had so much power that I actually spun out on the highway.

It also got me into trouble with the cops at one time but I used it’s power to get away.

Final Thoughts:

I also have a Viper on this site.

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My Ride’s Pictures:
Blue Bird Description of Picture on the Left:
Great Picture of the Bird. This is a real beauty of an Exotic. The body paint on this Car is a real work of art. The colors chosen for this beauty go very nice together… Great choice of colors and the design is really something special. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Waiting for a picture.
Blue Bird
Blue Bird Description of Picture on the Left:
Waiting for a picture.

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