33 DeSoto Sedan

33 DeSoto Sedan Owned/submitted by:
Johnny and Sharon Tellefsen

Everson, Washington, United States

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  • 402 Big Block Chev.
  • Turbo 400.
More Specs:

8″ Ford Rear End.
Mustang Front End.


We found the ad in the Capitol Press newspaper about 5 years ago. It was in Calif. We called the party, they still had it. We bought it site unseen and a fella they knew was coming up this way on his way home. He told us when he stopped for gas, a fella wanted it but this guy was a good guy, he never sold it out from under us and it got here in one piece.

It was actually rust free, painted black at the time, had no top, duct taped tarp over it, and it was drivable with a flathead 48 Chrysler 6 in it. The first thing we did was get it off the trailer, give it a wash job and we thought we best take it for a spin. We looked like the Beverly Hill Billies, all that was needed was gramms in her rocking chair sitting on top!!!!! Believe me, we got a few looks. Now we get looks but it is for “What is that?” The necks turn and it is so much fun having something that people can enjoy looking at.

It is certainly different than the normal. We first had to strip the old paint, take the seats out, check the body over for any rust, which there wasn’t. We had a dear friend mold a new top taken from a plymouth station wagon. It fits like it was grown there. We changed the fenders to look like a 34 and just about every piece of it was taken apart, sanded and painted. New running board rubber, new windshield frame, original windows still in it, etc. and this all took 5 years. We just got the new wheels and tires in September and now getting ready to put the upholstery in it and will put the hood on it.

We have always liked the movie Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunnaway. One of the cars in a bank robbery was a 33 DeSoto. We thought the grill was really pretty in it. Believe it or not, this grill that is in ours is in mint condition and we really enjoy the looks from the front end. Most people say that the movie was all Fords but if one looks close, they will see a DeSoto and Dodges.

Final Thoughts:

Our other love is our 34 Plymouth Coupe with a 502 Crate Motor in it. That is another story in itself. The Plymouth donated the 402 to the DeSoto when we got the 502.

We are not planning on any others, we just want to get the DeSoto finished. We love our cars, take part in car shows and are members of two local clubs and have enjoyed the friendship of many in the clubs. It is a fun way to enjoy each others cars and how they are progressing on their projects.

My Ride’s Pictures:
33 DeSoto Sedan Description of Picture on the Left:
Nice Picture of the beautiful DeSoto Sedan… No wonder this beauty turns a lot of heads according to the owners. For a Car that had it’s roof replaced, it looks great. The Wheels on it surely complement the Chrome Trim, Bumpers and Grill. Make sure you read above. Click on the Pic to open a Larger Pic on another Page.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Front view of the DeSoto Sedan. Quite a bit of Chrome on the Front of this beauty. Rear View Mirrors, Headlights, Grill, Bumper and even the Windshield Trim and the Turning Lights (mounted on the Bumper) are all Chrome. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
33 DeSoto Sedan
33 DeSoto Sedan Description of Picture on the Left:
Rear Picture of the DeSoto Sedan. In comparison with the Front, the Rear of this beauty has hardly any Chrome. Only the Bumper, the Tail Pipes and the Parking/Turning Signal Lights are Chrome. To see a larger Picture, click on this Pic.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Another great Picture of the DeSoto Sedan. This Picture shows the Side and Rear of this beauty. Visible are the left side sweeping Fenders. The Front Fender (made to look like the 34) which extends and connects to the Running Board giving the impression that Fender and Running Board is only one piece. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
33 DeSoto Sedan

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  1. ed witham says:

    nice choice
    I also have a 33desoto 4 dr. ,, like your choice of color!

  2. John tellefsen says:

    More DeSoto Pictures
    33 Desoto after hood was put on

    We have put the hood on the car and had it upholstered inside.
    It is just a joy to drive.

    • Tony Alves says:

      Your new DeSoto Picture and update
      Hi John… Thanks for the post and the new picture with the update.

      Visitors to your page will be able to read your post and also check out the new picture.

      Again thanks and keep posting any future updates and/or updated pictures.

      Tony Alves

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