69 GTO Convertible

69 GTO Convertible Owned/submitted by:
Jon Chevalier

Loveland, Colorado, United States

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  • 400 CID Engine.
  • TH 400 Transmission.
  • 2-4 bbl Carburetor.

Original 400 2 4bbl th400 transmission, 23 different options including 8 track and shoulder harnesses for a convertible.

Bought it in 1076 in Loveland from bankers wife. She bought it from her brother so I am the 2nd family since he bought it new.

Wife hit the garage door so we had to have the right front fender replaced, the rest of the paint is 19 yrs old. won the GTO nationals innnndrag racing in 1998, came in 2nd in 2001 and the GT.

Additional Facts:

Production of the Pontiac GTO spanned a total of four generations. The first 3 generations of the GTO were manufactured in the US between 1964 and 1974.

The fourth generation was manufactured in Australia and lasted between 2004 and 2006. This generation of the GTO was based on the Holden Monaro V platform which in turn was a two door coupe variation of the VT/VX Holden Commodore Australian developed.

The 1969 Pontiac GTO was part of the second generation which started in 1968 and ended in 1973. Incidentally the third generation only lasted one year with the 1974 Pontiac GTO and this was the last North American made GTO.

However, thirty years later, the Australian produced rear wheel drive Holden Commodore SS was imported and re launched in North America as a fourth generation Pontiac GTO.

Unfortunately it was not very well received by critics and muscle car enthusiasts alike, due to the lack of resemblance to the classic GTO as well as its high price tag among other things.

Ironically the new age GTO is slowly becoming a sought after car by previous GTO owners as well as car collectors.

Present Or Future Plans:

It is always an ongoing project.

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My Ride’s Pictures:
69 GTO Convertible Description of Picture on the Left:
Great picture of the 69 GTO Convertible. This picture proves that this is a real show car. But this beauty is not only a show car, it is also a race car as can be seen in another photo on this page. Over the years this car has placed very well in competition. It won the GTO nationals innnndrag racing in 1998, came in 2nd in 2001 and the GT. If you want to see a larger picture, just click on this one.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Another great picture of the Pontiac GTO. Even though the paint on this side of the car is nineteen years old, it still looks great. The right front fender has been painted more recently because it had to be replaced due to a small accident. Read the history on this page for more details. Click on the Picture to enlarge.
69 GTO Convertible
69 GTO Convertible Description of Picture on the Left:
This picture shows the 69 GTO Convertible in a race. The owner doesn’t just like to show the car off at shows… He also likes racing it as is obvious on this picture. It has won several awards in shows, but it also has won a few races. It won the GTO National in 1998 and came in second in 2001. Read more above. Click on the picture to open a larger image.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Picture of the front of the 69 GTO Convertible. You might have noticed the “69 GOAT” on the fake licence plate. For those who do not know, “GOAT” is the nickname GTO owners and enthusiasts use when referring to these great North American muscle cars. There are different believes and explanations for the origin of the nickname, but perhaps the one that makes the most sense is that it originated from the word “Ram” in “Ram Air”. Goats ram each other and they can ram people. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
69 GTO Convertible
69 GTO Convertible Description of Picture on the Left:
In this picture, the 69 GTO Convertible has the hood open to expose the engine in a car show. Unfortunately the picture was not taken to focus on the engine itself, so not much of it can be seen. However, according to the owner it is a 400 CID V8 with 2-4 bbl Carburetors. Also part of the powertrain is a TH 400 Transmission. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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