88 Monte Carlo LS

88 Monte Carlo LS Owned/submitted by:
Cameron Dusenbury

Codrington, Ontario, Canada

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  • 355 cbi steal crank.
  • 300 horse heads.
  • Transmission Unknown.
  • 2 Holly 450s.
More Specs:

• GM pink rods.
• 10 to 1 flat tops.
• Roller rockers.
• Gear 2 gear drive.
• 2800 stall.


Traded a four wheeler for it we got it stock and i did all the work to it.

Did a burnout at the end of the driveway like 5mins after we got the new motor in lol.

Additional Facts:

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a well known North American car considered to be a muscle car (the SS model) by many owners and car enthusiasts. However, this has been a subject of debate as many experts consider it to be more of a “fast” luxury car than a true muscle car. Having said that though, as with many other cars that have not started as muscle cars, owners have supped them up to make them fast, therefore turning them into true muscle cars.

The Monte Carlo has a relatively long history. It has been around since 1970 and production came to an end in 2007 with a brake between 1988 and 1999. The first four generations were all rear wheel driveand the fifth and sixth generations were front wheel drives.

The first generation started with the 1970 model year and ended with the 1972. The second generation included the 1973 and up to the 1977, the third gen began with the 1978 and ended with the 1980. The fourth generation and the last of the rear wheel drive cars started with the 1981 and ended with the 1988.

At this point production of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo stopped, but only for a few years. A new generation, the fifth was introduced with the 1995 model year and ran until and including the 1999 model… All front wheel drives.

The 2000 model was completely re-designed and introduced as the first model of the sixth generation which ended with the 2007 model year. Some consider the 2005 model as being the last of the sixth generation models and the 2006 and 2007 models as a seventh generation due to some re-designing of the body.

The interior of these two model years were also mildly re-designed which contributed to some considering them the seventh generation. Another change was the re-introduction of a V8 engine which was the first time that a V8 engine was available for the Monte Carlo since the last model of the fourth generation… the 1988 model.

There is however what I believe to be an official sub-category for these last two model years. They are referred to as “Refreshed Sixth Generation”.

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My Ride’s Pictures:
88 Monte Carlo LS Description of Picture on the Left:
Nice picture of the front corner driver’s side of the 88 Monte Carlo LS. Even though this car was stripped of all the chrome moldings which by the way easily differentiates the LS model from the SS, the front nose makes it obvious that this is the LS version of this car. Also, originally the LS model was not as powerful as the SS however, this particular LS has obviously been modified and now has more power than any original SS. Just look at the air intake scoop on the hood and there should be no doubt that this car has a lot of power. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
What a nice picture of the front of the 88 Monte Carlo LS. The air intake scoop on the hood turns this luxury looking car front into a mean muscle car look. That scoop makes it obvious that this car has been modified to “kick ass” out on the street and perhaps also on the race track. Did you know that the Chevy Monte Carlo was not marketed as a muscle car? Not even the SS model which is considered by many owners and car enthusiasts alike to be muscle cars? Clicking on the front picture opens a new page with a larger picture.
88 Monte Carlo LS
88 Monte Carlo LS Description of Picture on the Left:
Another nice picture, this one of the front corner of the passenger side of the 88 Monte Carlo LS. The owner’s choice of painting it satin black and getting rid of the chrome trim made this ride a one of a kind great looking muscle car. I bet that this beauty turn heads everywhere it goes whether it is moving along or just parked. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Description of Picture on the Right:
This is a picture of the engine now powering the 88 Monte Carlo LS. This is a mean looking engine with that big air intake scoop sticking out the top of it. Here are some of the engine specs: 355 cbi steal crank, GM pink rods, 10 to 1 flat tops, 300 horse heads, roller rockers, gear 2 gear drive, 2 Holly 450s. There are probably a few more high performance components that make this engine a high performance engine that the owner didn’t remember to list or just didn’t bother listing. Please click on the picture of the engine to open a new page with a larger picture.
88 Monte Carlo LS

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