02 Chevy Cavalier

02 Chevy Cavalier Owned/submitted by:
Amy (Last Name Unknown)

City Unknown, Tennessee, United States

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  • Stock Engine.
  • Transmission Unknown.
More Specs:

Cold Air Intake.


Stock engine with cold air intake (had other little racing stuff when I bought it, but I don’t want it).

I got a ticket for playing the radio too loud and it’s the original radio… No amps or anything, so go figure !…

Present Or Future Plans:

Planning to get new rims and a paint job.

My Ride’s Pictures:
02 Chevy Cavalier Description of Picture on the Left:
Very nicely done 2002 Chevy Cavalier. The way that this ride is done, is almost unrecognizable as a Chevy Cavalier. The owner has apparently bought this car already prepped the way you see it on this picture. She hasn’t said much about the car, but one thing she said was that there was other “racing stuff when I bought it” but she added that she couldn’t careless about it. Click on the Picture to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Another picture of the 2002 Chevy Cavalier. It is obvious by the different background, that this picture was taken at a different time and in a different place. Because the owner only sent two pictures, I decided to post both even though they are so similar. Again, for such a popular and inexpensive car, it looks great due to the way it has been done. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
02 Chevy Cavalier
02 Chevy Cavalier Description of Picture on the Left:
Waiting for a picture.

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