84 Chevy Berlinetta

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  • Standard 2.8 V6.
  • Automatic Transmission.
More Specs:

All the digital toys of the Berlinetta series.
AM/FM Cassette.
Power Windows.
Power Locks.


I came across the 84 Chevy Berlinetta when I was browsing through the paper at work. A fellow driver of mine heard I was looking for a Camaro and he said he had one I could buy. His son had this car for a year. For medical reasons, NY state took his license and it was just sitting there.

I bought the car for $350.00 and brought it home on 12-23-05. The car needed a left fender and the plastic bumper in the front. The car is running well and I love it very much. It was a California car and the body is in descent shape for the year. Frame is in good shape and the car needs a paint job. I intend to totally rebuild it.

I hope I don’t have the same experience with the 84 Chevy Berlinetta, as I did with my previous 84 Camaro which I had after my wife totaled my truck. The 2.8 that was in it blew and I wanted to put the 350 from my 74 Nova in the Camaro. The shop I was going through to fix the car agreed to take my truck and take the Nova and rebuild it.

In return they would take the 350 out of the Nova and put it in my Camaro. Well, after months of BS they said the 350 would not fit!… The car sat there for a year and I bought an 84 Z28 from a friend. The car was acting like a cylinder had collapsed and something was pinging. That shop said it was the fly wheel. I took it in and could not afford the bill. I traded them my motor and the other Camaro for payment of the bill I owed.

The motor they said they lost!.. The Camaro had been sitting for a year with the windows down and the interior was trashed, so I gave her up. It gets better!… When I drove The Z28 home, the car was having the same problem. On route to my friends house I crossed some railroad tracks and the sub frame in the back fell off. My Z28 had to be junked. I sold the rest of the car to my friends and they pulled the motor. I came to find out that the fly wheel was never changed and the only thing wrong with the car was a spark-plug wire. The shop I went to screwed me and I have never forgave myself to this day.

My Ride’s Pictures:
84 Chevy Berlinetta Description of Picture on the Left:
84 Chevy Berlinetta

View of the 84 Chevy Berlinetta… This Car needed a Front Fender and Bumper, but now that the Front Fender has been replaced, all it needs is a good paint job and it’ll look great. Come back soon to see the “after” Pictures once the restoration is completed. Click on the Pic to enlarge.

Description of Picture on the Right:
View of the 84 Chevy Berlinetta Front. The Front Fender has just been replaced and even though the Car is not painted yet, it looks great. Actually it will look better after it gets painted. Check back often to see the new Pics once the Car is repaired and painted. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
84 Chevy Berlinetta
84 Chevy Berlinetta Description of Picture on the Left:
View of the 84 Chevy Berlinetta Interior. Great looking Interior. Even the Driver’s Seat is in good shape. It certainly doesn’t seem to need any work done inside. Click to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Rear view of the 84 Chevy Berlinetta. Apart from a couple of rusty spots on the Paint, this Car is in very good shape. The owner will soon get it painted and send us new pictures to replace these, so come back soon to see the new Pictures. Please click on the Pic to enlarge.
84 Chevy Berlinetta
84 Chevy Berlinetta Description of Picture on the Left:
Another great Pic of the 84 Chevy Berlinetta . This side of the Car looks like it’s in great shape. With a good paint job, this Car will look like new. Actually it will probably look better than new. Click to enlarge.

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