97 Corvette

97 Corvette Owned/submitted by:
Dawn Talarigo

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

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  • LS1 with YES not a typo 228,000+ miles on original engine.
  • 525 rwhp 500 tq. 10.58 sec @ 128 mph.
  • Transmission Unknown.
  • C6 zo6 rims.
  • Borla XR-1 racing system.
More Specs:

Stage II Pro Charger.
Running at 9 psi.
60 lb fuel injectors.
LS2 intake.
Blower Cam package (East Coast SuperCharging Cream Ridge New Jersey did my engine work).
Alky meth kit.
5 point harness.
Racing seats.
Roll bar.
Kooks header.
Custom airbrushing done my good Friend Tony at Universal Artisty out of Mertztown Pa.


I’ve owned this car since it was bone stock. Drove it 160,000 miles before I started modifying it. At that point I added the Pro Charger.

Was on Vacation on Key West and engine started making a racket. Stopped at the Chevy dealer on a Sunday said they were going to have to pull the engine apart to find out what the sound was. They said it sounded like I blew it up… I said No!… I’ll get it home slowly.

Home was 1600 miles away… So I cut my vacation short packed up and headed homeward. Got over 3 bridges and a belt blew off!!!!! OH MY So luckily there was a gas station and coasted it into the lot. Now it’s Sunday at 5pm no parts stores opened… In a car I don’t want to leave along the highway. Guy came out, I popped the hood… THE BELT IS STILL IN ONE PIECE… Woohoo he popped it back on for me and off I went.

Got back home and headed to my buddie’s shop. Stomped it a little cause I was kinda mad at her at that point, glad to be home and if it was going to go, it was going to go on the way to the shop… POP!!!!!!!! I know that sound, it’s a frigin’ SPART PLUG!!!!! Got to his shop, tightened it back up and never had a problem with that ever since.

Car only needs a few more things to be full custom. Most likely will be done over the winter. Just needs Door jams and Custom Stereo set up.

My Ride’s Pictures:
97 Corvette Description of Picture on the Left:
Great Picture of the 97 Corvette… The airbrushing is outstanding. This Picture was obviously taken at the racetrack. It seems that the Car is staged at the start line ready to go. On the other hand it might be just ready to start the burn out just before the race. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
Nice Picture of the Front of the 97 Corvette. Again, the airbrushing is really something that you don’t see every day. The colors as well as the artwork itself are really original. This Picture was taken at the racetrack at the beginning of the burn just before the race. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
97 Corvette
97 Corvette Description of Picture on the Left:
Picture of the 97 Corvette with the Doors, Hood and Trunk open. It also looks like the T-Tops Panels have been removed. This Picture seems to have been taken at a Car show. This is really a very nice looking Car… I am sure it’s a “head turner”. Click to enlarge.
Description of Picture on the Right:
This Picture gives us a peek at the 97 Corvette’s Engine. Even though the focus of the Picture is not the Engine, it nevertheless gives us the opportunity to take a peek at it. It also gives us a close-up of the artistic airbrush work on this beauty. Click on the Pic to enlarge.
97 Corvette
97 Corvette Description of Picture on the Left:
Here is the Rear of the 97 Corvette. This Picture was definitely taken at a Car Show with “Miss Corvettes at Carlisle 2009” standing beside it. As it can be seen on this Picture, the airbrushing was not done only on the Front and Sides of this beauty. The Rear was not spared, some airbrushing was also done there. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks so much
    Thanks so much for including some photos of my car on your site. As you can tell I’ve spent a lot of time and money on this car. BUT I have to clear one thing up. That is not me standing by the car LOl thats Miss Corvettes At Carlisle.

    I might be getting some shots this weekend with the Eagles cheerleaders. If you have any questions fire away Im here to “try” and answer them all.

    Thanks again.

  2. Dawn says:

    Thanks for posting my car on your site
    Thanks so much for putting up my ohotos but that is not me in that photo it is “Miss Corvettes at Carlisle 2009”

    If anyone has any questions or comments I’m open for ideas or questions.

    Thanks again,

    • Tony Alves says:

      Nice Trophy
      It was my pleasure. By the way, I have corrected the mistake.

      If there is anything else you would like changed, just let me know.

      Tony Alves

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