Here are some Testimonials of happy Car Owners who submitted their rides to be posted on the Site.

"Thank you Tony! I checked it out and it is great! I also left a post about your site. I think you are doing a great job! And every time I go to your site I find something new & interesting J Larry . PS Thank you for having my car as car of the week!!"

Larry Schau


"Hi, thanks for replying back so soon…I checked out the site on Sunday at my sister’s house… it (my car) wasn’t up yet, but when I got to work on Monday… OH MY GOD! great job it looks fantastic I wouldn’t change a thing…"

Second Testimonial from the same Car Owner:

"… My friends and family were very impressed with the website… Hey, I have a lot of friends that would be interested in having their cars put on as well. We enter a lot of car shows in the summer. Between myself and my friends, we have about 12 show cars… Again thanks for all that you have done."

John Propeck

Carson City, Nevada


"Thanks for the new website to show off my toy…"

Ron Debiaso


lign=”left” style=”margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0″>"You did a great job with my brother’s site, (it) is very well set up A+. I’ll get some more pics rounded up maybe this weekend if there’s no snow. Trying to get the car ready for this season. First race march 2nd in Sacramento CA. Hope to do well there."

Jerry Matsko


"Man, thanks so much! My dad was so happy! And he thanks you all! Now he can brag at work about his car and now they have to believe him! Thanks you guys a bunch!"

Katelyn Rogers


"Hi, thanks for putting my car on your site. I enjoyed what you have done with the pics. I really enjoy your web, thanks a mill, keep up the good work. Thanks again for the job you have done… you guys are great. Here’s some specs on the 76 ford ranchero. Again many thanks."

Mark Tatham


"Thank you for your quick response. I think the site is great… When the word gets out I’m sure you will get a big response… Thank you again for your support, by the way my friends love the site."

Skeeter Sparano


"…The site looks really cool! I’m impressed. Thanks man… Thanks for everything Tony."

Jaco Heunis


First of two Testimonials:

"I did go on your site and view my car pictures, you did a great job putting my baby on there- THANKS!  I’ve been telling everyone about your site!"

Second of two Testimonials from the same Car Owner:

"The site is looking really good, I love getting on there and looking through all the cars that are new, and of course my own! you did a nice job displaying it, thanks again!"

Thanks again,

Trisha A. Erzen


"Thank you for the business cards… they look good… wish the picture was
more detailed but its perfect.. thanks a bunch…"


"Thanks for your response & for posting my car pix – think your site is going to be great.  It has already grown since we discovered it!"

Chip Van Orden

"I thank you for your service and the write up… Thanks again , I really like what you are doing here.

D. R. Moeller

"THANK YOU!!!! The Pictures are GREAT!!! Thank you, Thank you!!! You are #1!!!!!!!"



"Thank you… Really enjoy your site. Good job! Thanks again."

Brian Briggs


"I saw my GTO on the site, I think this web/digital pic./posting is cool thanks, I told a couple of people to check it out. I’ll add another vehicle later…"

Paul Marion


"Tony, thanks for including my old Hot Rod on the Site, it really made my day, specially since today is 9-11. Thanks again."



"The site looks really cool! I’m impressed. Thanks man."

Jaco Heunis



"I checked out your site, it is awesome, I am very pleased  with the way you presented my TA My TA is on a few sites, it is not presented as good as yours is. Thank you very much for the excellent presentation."

Murdock MacLean


First of two Testimonials:

"I… checked out the site and it looks awesome, its a fun site to browse through… Thanks."

Second of two Testimonials from the same Car Owner:

"Hey, got the (gift) cards and they look great. I’ll try to send you some more (car) pics soon. Stu."

Stu Gulyes


"The pics look awesome!!! Thanks again for hosting them for me. Cannot wait to get the cards in the mail!"



"Thank you for the Email. The pictures are great, and I like what I see. Keep up the good work."



"Thx guys, the pics look great."



"The pics look great, thank you for putting them on your site.  Hope everyone has a peek. There was no hurry to get them on there, so relax!  It’s great to see something of "YOURS" on the Web!  Hope you have a great X-mas and Cheers!"



"The pictures look great.  Thank you very much."




"The pictures on the Site look great.  Thank you."

Don Davis


First of two Testimonials:

"…great website you got there, its nice to see that there are some people out there who appreciate other peoples cars."

Second of two Testimonials from the same Car Owner:

"Thanks soooooo much for getting the pictures on the website, I really appreciate it. I’ve got the car up on another website and I’m gonna add your link and say how awesome you guys are. Thank you so much again, for all the quick replies, and the pictures. Keep up the great work!!!"

Peter Gies


"Thank you for taking the time to email me. I think your web site is one of the best I have visited. Keep up the good work."



"I was just emailed from your website showing my ’94 Trans Am pic.  Awesome site man!!  This is so cool to have my car pic on here.  Dream come true!"



"That is a GREAT Job.. thank you.. I’m humbled.. smile.. Are you the Editor of Car Craft or Hot Rod Magazine on the side?.. smile.. VERY GOOD Job.. I’m sure your handling of it will bring more interest to your already fine Site.. smile.. Glad to be a small part of it.. thanks again…"



"Thanks a lot for the fantastic page that you’ve build up with my car
pictures. The site looks just great.
I had already done my (Car Lovers E-Zine) subscription."



"I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you have done on my 1955 Plymouth Page.  My Father and his Aunt and Uncle would be very pleased I am sure.  I think everything looks fine on the page, you brought the car alive."



"WOW!! … Nice job Tony …  I saw my updated profile and was blown away by the content and the setup … This is absolutly the greatest site !! …. and Canadian too!."




GREAT JOB!!!! Looks really good, and you did a fantastic job on the write up! Gosh I love that car, can never get enough of it. You’d think I was a young teenager but I’m not, think the older you get the more you appreciate the finer things in life!

Thanks Nancy


"FANTASTIC!… What you did with the profile of my Omega… Your work is
outstanding!… You did a great job!… GREAT SITE Tony!… I love it!… Time and time again I stop by
to visit and I’m happy you have allowed me to contribute to it!…"




"I checked out my Cougar on your site, you are to be commended on your expertise. When I get some newer pics could they be updated? Again, thank you very much for the presentation of my Cougar."

Murdock MacLean


"Outstanding job!!! Thanks for a great page on a great site."

David Szczublewski


"Thanks for doing a fine job with the material I sent. (I really
didn’t expect all the info to be posted!) Thanks. Hope other people
enjoy it and your site prospers; feel free to cut the info page if
you need to reduce your space"



"Well the site has just topped itself with style!! Nope wouldn’t change a
thing I just love the way you presented my Willys and referenced my AMX “way
to go” I will be sending this to all my buds, tee hee!

Thanks a bunch, Dan Phillips


"Dear Tony,

First of all I want to thank you for a great job you are doing. I especially thank you for having my 1960 Metropolitan as the Picture of the Week."



"Boy, You did nice job with my car, I don’t know how to thank you. What can I do for you?"




Somehow I missed this e-mail back in December… that looks fantastic. I really appreciate all your work.

Don and Randy


Hi, thanks for the great job of displaying our Cobra and the excellent description of the history of the AC Cobra. I would also like to say thank you for the awesome car site where I can check out lots of great rides. You are very talented with what you do. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again,